Callie Jewelry provides quality jewelry pieces that can be worn everyday at a price that you can afford. 

After so many attempts of finding a brand that can provide affordable jewelry, we saw an opportunity to open Callie Jewelry’s online doors in 2017–armed with a mission of providing everyone long-lasting jewelry that they can afford.

Callie Jewelry has then grew to become more than just a brand that provides affordable jewelry—we are now moving towards creating and growing a community of not just loyal shoppers, but resellers too. Because as we go through this exciting and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey, we want you to be part of it because you can, too!


Our mission is to continue providing affordable yet quality jewelry for women and aspiring entrepreneurs. 
We provide more than just a jewelry; for women it’s the feeling of confidence and elegance. For aspiring  entrepreneurs it’s a community that lifts each other to provide profit from hard-earned capital.

In the future, we want to provide not just pieces that can help express one’s love for fashion and style but also to open doors to aspiring entrepreneurs and help them kickstart their own business at a low capital.