MEET SHOP CALLIE: the gift of jewelry that’s made to make you shine every day



We are a fast-growing jewelry brand made with a mission to make jewelry easily accessible to every Filipina. We believe that good jewelry goes beyond the tag price —it is how it empowers you to look good and feel good while you continue on with your day; or most importantly, when you or your loved ones celebrate big milestones in life. We want Callie to give you that confidence to shine every day.


Classic, timeless, and minimalist jewelry that lasts long awaits you. A wide range of choices from dainty and delicate earrings, to classic and timeless necklaces that fits every style, mood, occasion, or simply your daily ‘fits. Shop Callie aims to empower your personal style to shine every day.


Jewelry made accessible to all. That is the Shop Callie promise. That’s why you can start building your own personal jewelry collection or send your loved ones a gift of appreciation starting from P50 and nothing more than P200. Now you can shine every day without breaking the bank.


There is nothing more important to us than your Shop Callie experience. That’s why we make sure to give you only the best from the moment you order from us until you start making memories with your very own jewelry pieces. If you have any concerns on the items that you have received, just shoot us a message and we will take care of it.